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Color steel tile strong performance waterproof

Color steel tiles are made of colorful coated steel plates, which become various profiled plates after processing. It is widely used, and its anti-corrosion and water resistance are its essential functions in the open environment all year round. Today we will introduce the specific knowledge of its water resistance. General color steel tiles will show rust and corrosion after a few years of wind and rain. What if you want to extend the life of color steel tiles? The amount of paint per square meter can be no less than 1 kg. If the construction cost is not significantly improved, the service life of the colored steel tile can be extended by at least 5 to 8 years, and the construction cost can be reduced. If the surface of the color steel tile has signs of rust and corrosion, a sander or sandpaper will be used to polish the surface of the rust. These methods can improve the waterproof function of the color steel tile, so that the color steel tile is not corroded and cracked. Why does the color steel plate leak? There are several possible reasons. The slope of the color steel tile is small, the insulation layer is exposed, and the device is not treated accordingly, resulting in direct flow of rainwater into the insulation interlayer, forming all the rainwater backflow. The seams of the color steel tiles are very likely to cause the color steel tiles to leak. The seams look good, but a long gap can't withstand an hour of rain. The nail holes in the color steel plate installation are also the direct cause of water leakage, so not only the quality of the product is good, but also the skill of the installation.
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