Precautions for single-layer color steel tiles

The single-layer color steel tile is a kind of color steel tile that is happily selected when building a factory building, and it is now more and more widely used in China. So before buying, in order to be able to buy products to satisfy themselves in terms of price, in terms of quality to satisfy themselves, the useful life is more durable.

The following is a detailed introduction to the price of single-layer color steel tiles and how long the life can be used for many friends who want to buy. So pay more attention to the content of this article, and then select regular manufacturers to buy products. Matters needing attention The correct laying method of tiles The overlap type is suitable for the roof interlacing type with a length ≦ 15M. It is suitable for the roof special nails with a length ≧ 15M.

The fixed distance of special nails is 50CM~100CM anyway, preferably 4 pieces/㎡. Using nails and whiskers from the lower end of the tile to the direction of the roof has a beautiful, sealed and regular effect. The color steel tile is a building material with many varieties, but the single-layer color steel tile is relatively widely used nowadays.

Many factory buildings are being selected for use, and this building material is also selected for many new rural areas. Therefore, because of the large number of choices, many demanders will first understand the price when selecting. So for many demanders, we must do a better understanding of the above.


Precautions for single-layer color steel tiles


Color steel tile roof photovoltaic power station installation solution


With the rapid development of distributed photovoltaics in China, the roof is the main carrier for installing photovoltaic power plants. For ordinary people, the advantage is that they can use roof construction to build photovoltaic power plants, and the construction period is short. But there is a big disadvantage is that the amount of power generation is closely related to the climatic conditions and the roof environment. So what kind of photovoltaic installation is suitable for roofing of color steel tiles? With years of practical experience in production, we summarized the following elements to be considered and practical solutions! First of all, we need to consider a few elements. Whether the service life of color steel tiles can reach the minimum life required by photovoltaic power plants. Whether the load on the roof can reach the standard requirements of distributed photovoltaic power plants. Requirements for roof waterproofing after installation of photovoltaics. Regarding the difference in the orientation of the roof, the planning of the photovoltaic mounting system matrix. The solution is as follows. Color steel tiles are generally replaced every 10-15 years. Therefore, the demand for color steel tiles with long service life is discussed with the owner for replacement. The roof is required to bear under the condition of full paving of components: 0.15KN/㎡. Buildings that do not meet this goal require reinforcement. If the owner has higher requirements for roof waterproofing, or the roof is more stale, it is necessary to do waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment on the roof before installation. Under the condition that the roof is not sunny, the support matrix needs to be planned properly, so as to ensure high power generation.

Introduction to the development of color steel tile industry


The color steel tile equipment can be described in one thousand miles in the past few years. Since the color steel equipment was first introduced, it has already occupied all the major categories of our molding equipment, and the color steel tile It plays a very important part in the entire equipment occupation, and is also a relatively important industry in China. Whether it is strategic or basic, it has played a very important effect. The first thing is that the production capacity of color steel tiles can directly affect the level of my country's manufacturing operations. Therefore, with the vigorous development of the entire environmental protection market, color steel tile equipment will become more and more important. For color steel tiles, the common forming methods mainly include restrictions, forging, kneading and welding methods to make the equipment can be formed. And the method in the middle can explain the molding method of the molding equipment. According to these molding methods, we can easily see that to make the equipment simple, we need to use the molding equipment, and these equipment are not made by us. , So we need to buy some ready-made molding equipment. Various manufacturers are constantly developing new products and materials, and the hot-rolled steels that were previously popular are gradually choosing cold-formed steels. This is a well-known trust. The development of color steel tile equipment career can be described as a mile, especially in recent years, the expansion of the domestic metal color steel tile machinery equipment occupation is not only reflected in the continuous expansion of production scale, the continuous increase of production quantity, and the deepening expansion of the application category. In recent years, the skill level of the domestic cold bending professions has been continuously improved. In accordance with the conditions of their own factories, various enterprises have continuously developed their own equipment through the independent development or introduction of foreign advanced equipment, and the production process has been continuously improved to improve their skills. Promote the development of a batch of high-speed rolling mills, and scale, efficiency, and intensiveness are gradually unfolding, thus completing the policy of producing high-quality products with high efficiency.

Color steel tile strong performance waterproof


Color steel tiles are made of colorful coated steel plates, which become various profiled plates after processing. It is widely used, and its anti-corrosion and water resistance are its essential functions in the open environment all year round. Today we will introduce the specific knowledge of its water resistance. General color steel tiles will show rust and corrosion after a few years of wind and rain. What if you want to extend the life of color steel tiles? The amount of paint per square meter can be no less than 1 kg. If the construction cost is not significantly improved, the service life of the colored steel tile can be extended by at least 5 to 8 years, and the construction cost can be reduced. If the surface of the color steel tile has signs of rust and corrosion, a sander or sandpaper will be used to polish the surface of the rust. These methods can improve the waterproof function of the color steel tile, so that the color steel tile is not corroded and cracked. Why does the color steel plate leak? There are several possible reasons. The slope of the color steel tile is small, the insulation layer is exposed, and the device is not treated accordingly, resulting in direct flow of rainwater into the insulation interlayer, forming all the rainwater backflow. The seams of the color steel tiles are very likely to cause the color steel tiles to leak. The seams look good, but a long gap can't withstand an hour of rain. The nail holes in the color steel plate installation are also the direct cause of water leakage, so not only the quality of the product is good, but also the skill of the installation.